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New CEO & COO at Biomorphik

Biomorphik has been in existence for a little over 20 months and during that time I have been the CEO driving the business forward. Over the last 6 months, I have realised that I cannot continue to do this by myself, I am an ideas man and not business focused and nor am I interested in being business-focused. I know what I am good at and the hope has been to move into a product development role going forward. Well, that time has come.


New Chief Operations Officer (COO)

A recent invitation to the Wellcity roundtable introduced me to Peter Yaron (thank you Biela), to say we got on well was an understatement. I am pleased to announce that Peter has taken on the COO role, Peter has worked previously in MedTech start-ups here in South Australia and abroad, paired with operations scale-up and technical product development his skills will bring many new aspects to Biomorphik.  I am delighted to have Peter aboard and he will be an integral part of our next big developments in 2021.


New Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Biomorphik has a new CEO, Eden Spivakovsky and I am humbled to have someone of his calibre. I have known Eden for a couple of years after meeting him on a business trip to Batam, Indonesia. It was a shared passion for cycling that got us talking and introducing him to Biomorphik and our principles have kept him interested since. We have continued to keep in touch, discussing the direction of the business and introducing him to new ideas and tech along the way.

In the last 6 months, I have let Eden know of my interest in him taking on the CEO role, given his background in law and business a position he would be most suited to. I am happy to announce that Eden made that decision recently and will start with Biomorphik immediately.  Currently based in Dubai, Eden plans to setup in Singapore with interest in South East Asia and India growing in Biomorphik’s application services.

So, what is next for me, I will move to the Chief Production Officer role something I have been dreaming of for some time. Over the last few days I can say that I have felt a huge weight off my shoulders and with new tech launching later this month and more announcements coming I feel I have filled my CEO/leadership duties, but now it is time for new leadership and new horizons for all involved in Biomorphik.

Within the next month there will be a release of the much awaited Biomorphik Body Composition App, this will give us our first major development to be sold on both Apple Store and Google Play and is an integral part of the next developments.  My focus is on the next 6 months and the development and roll out of the Biomorphik dashboard which will see multiple new products released associated to this platform.  Stay tuned for more news and our endeavour to develop real behaviour change for the betterment of populations worldwide.

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Nathaniel Peek
Nathaniel Peek
Founder and CPO at Biomorphik PTY LTD | Pre-Emptive Health Development | Healthcare Blockchain Specialist | AI/ML & IoT Development

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