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Partnering with Solulab

After plenty of research, conversations, and emails we’ve chosen our development partner; Solulab.

The current global health reality has spurred us to push harder towards our platform creation. What we’re planning to build has great potential to help large groups of people to build better health and resilience, monitor their data for potential issues, and manage medical information.

So we wanted to talk about how we came to make our decisions.


As a company, we want to do things a little differently, so our announcement isn’t going to be an ad for Solulab.

Let’s get the basics out of the way before delving into the broader reasons we chose to partner:

  • Longevity. Solulab has been in the digital solutions industry for over 15 years.
  • A large, and relevant, suite of service offerings. Solulabs offers everything we need; blockchain, machine learning, wearables development, artificial intelligence, and API development.
  • Experience in our industry. They’d worked in health and fitness tech development before and understand the industry.
  • An impressive client list. You can’t miss the Mercedes, Disney, and Goldman Sachs (among others) logos when you visit their site. Drill deeper into their service offerings and there’s stacks of small companies and start-ups like us to be found.

Now for the reasons more relevant to us, and our own trajectory.

Partner Solulab and Biomorphik


So much of the startup journey is finding people who believe in what you’re doing, and we certainly found that with Solulab and specifically CEO Chintan Thakkar. His interest was palpable during our early conversations. We’re building something of a size, scope, and interconnectedness that engaged him;

“I speak with about 10 to 15 startup founders each week to discuss their ideas. About 90% of those ideas are trying to replicate some successful products and not trying to innovate. While I spoke with Nathaniel [Biomorphik CEO] about his idea, I could quickly realize potential and innovation and how it could have a positive impact on people’s health.”

Since those early talks, he’s been very active in communicating with us about the platform we’re building; offering suggestions and recommending a development path. We’re certainly listening because Solulabs has worked in building similar platforms before;

“We have built some portions of it [the Biomorphik platform] via wearable device integration, storing health data over blockchain.”

We’re excited to work with people who show so much excitement about us!


The Solulab talent pool gives us the development skills we want, with a developer pool large enough to respond quickly to our needs. Our start-up phase will focus on rapid platform development. Current world events are fortifying our belief that a robust health platform with a large user base and effective communications stream is becoming more critical. Rapid development then is something that we quizzed Chintan about early on;

“We generally keep 20% of our developers on the bench to either learn new technologies or to handle requests while clients want to accelerate development to grab first movers advantage to the market.”

The current health climate of early 2020 affirms the importance of our platform. We want to enter the market quickly to best serve our users and try to positively affect healthcare.

Biomorphik and Solulab Partner


India’s tech sector has an interesting trajectory with a vast developer pool but some skills gaps in emerging disciplines like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We were aware of that during our search, but still confidently chose Solulab because they’re shoring up critical skills. As shown in the quotation above about actively helping staff “learn new skills”, Chintan is already up-skilling their talent pool. He’s also got a pragmatic outlook on India’s place in the tech world;

“India definitely has a potential but we need to change our mindset from the service industry to product-based industry in order to capture more market share and to prove our worth.”

We’re very keen to begin our development phase with Solulab. We have everything planned and scoped out and can’t wait to get moving.

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    James Raison
    James Raison
    Marketing Director @ Biomorphik

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