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We've built our
platform on systems
that give our users:

Accurate and robust data
Security, privacy, and control over their information
Always available access when they need it
Constant feedback on their health and wellness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Our AI and ML systems pre-analyse and constantly process data to give the most important data to clients.

It gives medical and care services the most complete, relevent, and robust data based on a client’s data. It gives our everyday app users the best information to make their health and wellness decisions.


We’re bridging and aggregating more data services than any other health-focused platform. Our plan is to merge medical service data with fitness and nutrition apps. We’ll connect data streams together for our AI and ML systems to learn more, and better serve our users.

Wearable Hardware

The booming wearables industry is one of our most important data sources. We’re integrating with hardware makers and investing in our own tech to capitalise on the market growth and rich data source.

3D Body Scanning

We’re using 3D body scanners to benchmark and track physical change and health over time. Our system monitors body composition, circumference measures, and health risks over time.

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