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Biomorphik is building data systems to create large scale behavioural change through better collection, analysis, and communication. Our goal is to empower people with knowledge at a whole-of-society level. Everyone generates data, and we show people how to use it and why it's valuable.

Biomorphik is the bridge between medical and health/wellness.

Data dashboards

Take control of your data everywhere, everyday. Phone and browser interfaces give you constant access whenever you need it.


Aggregate all of your health and wellness data into one place. Imagine your medical history and fitness tracker housed together, always accessible.

Data analysis

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems will analyse your data and keep you informed on anything that could affect or improve your health.


Everyday people, like you

We give data back to the people who make it. Then we use it to give you value.

Care professionals

Our data management system and dashboard closes the loop on health and wellness care. Providers can get the best picture of client health and lifestyle to give the best care.

Data clients

Our users can volunteer their anonymised data to be used for research and analysis. We’re building the most robust picture of user health and lifestyle.

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and technologies.

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