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Health with less medicine

We were overwhelmed by the response to our recent article on how we’re building a PreEmptive health system and why that’s so importantWe’ve had people reach out from all over the world wanting to talk more about it.

One of the most fun invites we got was to make an appear on The Adelaide Show Podcast talking about our platform and all the ways we’re trying to push positive change in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. We took a deep dive into some of specifics around our plans, and how we’re philosophically and ethically grounding the system. While our platform is in development, these conversations are the perfect way for us to have candid chats about what we’re doing.

Below is the full episode! Massive thanks to host Stephen Davis for having us. It was truly a pleasure and we can’t wait to talk more about what we’re doing.

A few years ago, our next guest was attending a talk from a government official high in the South Australian Health Department who said; “we don’t have a health system, we have a sickness system.” And any reflection on the massive health system we have now, certainly suggests that despite the clever and motivated people who are working in it and the brave work they’ve been doing at the cutting edge of our battle against Covid-19, we’d have to reach the conclusion that there’s only so much more development we can do before the system collapses under the weight of its own systems and costs. Enter Biomorphik, a South Australian venture poised to spread a pre-emptive health system throughout South East Asia. And I welcome to the Adelaide Show, the firm’s Marketing and Comms Director, James Raison.

pre-emptive health
  • James Raison
  • Posted by James Raison

We started Biomorphik to advance healthcare. It took some time to settle on exactly what that would look like, but we’re ready to start talking in more specifics. We’ve grounded ourselves as a behavioural change company, and now...

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Biomorphik Blog Image
  • James Raison
  • Posted by James Raison

There comes a time when every business has to define itself. We could’ve plucked the low hanging fruit of ‘Biomorphik is a MedTech company’ or ‘Biomorphik is a blockchain-based health platform’, and for a while we did. It didn’t fit though....

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James Raison
Marketing Director @ Biomorphik

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