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About Us


Bridging the gap between medical and health

Biomorphik works at the intersection of medical and health. We see those data streams as complementary and bring them together.

Closing the healthcare data loop

We’re making a streamlined medical data system. Safe, secure, and available to users and health professionals anytime and anywhere.

Empowering people with data

We collect and analyse data to improve the health and wellness of our users. We believe everyone can take control of their health with the right education.


Biomorphik is a behaviour change company. Our mission is to empower people with data.

We started Biomorphik with a mission to improve the health and wellness of people at a whole-of-society level. We’re achieving this with better creation, measurement, storage, analysis, and access to data.

We’re going to bridge the gap between the health and medical industries to give our users better data, processed to help their needs.

  • For everyday users that means a digital platform aggregating all of their important health and fitness data.
  • For the medical and care industry it means better data management. All of their client data is stored, processed, and made accessible to them. It means less data handling for them and better care for their clients.
  • For our data customers it means more, and better data to instruct policy, spending decisions, and research.
pre-emptive health
  • James Raison
  • Posted by James Raison

We started Biomorphik to advance healthcare. It took some time to settle on exactly what that would look like, but we’re ready to start talking in more specifics. We’ve grounded ourselves as a behavioural change company, and now...

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Biomorphik Blog Image
  • James Raison
  • Posted by James Raison

There comes a time when every business has to define itself. We could’ve plucked the low hanging fruit of ‘Biomorphik is a MedTech company’ or ‘Biomorphik is a blockchain-based health platform’, and for a while we did. It didn’t fit though....

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