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Why we’re a behaviour change company, not a tech company

There comes a time when every business has to define itself. We could’ve plucked the low hanging fruit of ‘Biomorphik is a MedTech company’ or ‘Biomorphik is a blockchain-based health platform’, and for a while we did. It didn’t fit though. It felt like wearing someone else’s shoes, or having your food peppered to another person’s taste. It wasn’t right.

A moment of clarity came while we were sprawled out on our flat-pack office sofas, pens and notebooks in hand, discussing how hard it was to define what we’re doing;

“Ultimately… it sounds like we’re talking about behaviour change. We’re building a behaviour change platform.”


From then on we defined ourselves as a behaviour change company and everything started to make sense to us, and everyone else. Here’s why;


Biomorphik - Behaviour change company



We always introduce what we do, and why we do it before we talk about how. That last part is, in many ways, the least important part at this stage of our business.

The tech backing of the Biomorphik platform is inert and indifferent to wants and desires of the people it’s built for. Blockchain is just how we’re storing and managing data. Wearables are just measurement and data communication devices. IOT is just making ordinary items better able to talk to each other. AI and ML are just data analysis tools. Our care provider platform is just a data interface.

It does what we tell it to do, and it just so happens that we are telling it to tell you how to make your life better. We’re telling care providers the most relevent information to best help you. We’re giving our data clients a quality, anonymised, data set to improve their research capability, instruct better policy decisions, or spend more effectively in the public health system.



Our behavioural change goal separates us from traditional medical and health/wellness businesses. We’re building systems that, in the long-term, keep you away from traditional medical institutions from early as possible, for long as possible. Should you need medical help, our job then becomes helping your care provider to make their decisions based on the most robust snapshot of your health.

Human behaviour is the macro determinant of your health once you’ve removed uncontrollable elements, like genetics or external agents affecting you in some way. We want to bridge medical and health/wellness industries because your habits determine how you interact with both.



Putting our statement of purpose up-front keeps us more accountable to our user base and forces an ethical expectation.

Businesses of all types, in all industries, want to change your behaviour in a way. For most, it’s to convince you to use their product or service. Other tech-based companies want the same thing; to wedge their product into the limited hours in your day. Still, most businesses don’t define themselves as behaviour change entities like we are.

For us making that philosophical basis, the job is more complex. We need to convince you to use our product knowing that our mission is to change your behaviour, and that’s done for your benefit. So let’s lay it out; we’re in the business of persuading you towards health-positive actions. The collective sum of those actions builds better physical and mental health over the course of your lifetime which has an enormous effect on its quality.

It’s our ethical imperative then, to keep your trust in our behaviour change mission. That’s our most valuable commodity. If you don’t trust our persuasions towards health-positivity then we lose you, and we very much want to keep you!



… and we’re absolutely fine with that. The important distinction is that our internal self-considerations will trickle through our service offerings and platform, then onto our end users. It’s difficult to scale your values as you expand with new people and into global markets, but we’re ready for the challenge.

That’s why Biomorphik has decided on being a behaviour change company. We’re committed to a purpose, and not a technology.


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    Author avatar
    James Raison
    Marketing Director @ Biomorphik

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