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Biomorphik App, the first product of many

The New Year will see the launch of one of our first product of many over the next 12 months, Biomorphik App, a body composition scanner in your smartphone.  A collaboration between MyFiziq and Biomorphik, two Australian healthcare developers together delivering the goal of a healthier and happy world.

Biomorphik App body scanning allows you to discover the unique dimensions and composition of your body without the need for a measuring tape or expensive scanners. Putting the power of Ai & Machine Learning in your pocket means you can take measurements of your body anytime, anywhere. Simply using your smartphone and its built in camera you can gain all the information you need to make true behaviour change. And it is quick too, the whole process takes around 60 seconds.

A focus of Biomorphik is to address the scourge of Type 2 Diabetes, an issue that is affecting more and more people daily with no end in sight. A combination of dietary issues and lack of understanding is fuelling the rise in cases and we want to stop it. With more accurate information about your body composition and a basic understanding of diet, we can turn this issue around. The Biomorphik App is the first stage in allowing people to monitor their bodies closely and pre-empt issues before they become a huge problem.

How does Biomorphik App work?

Biomorphik App is a revolutionary technology that uses pictures from your smart phone to create a representation of you in the form of a 3D avatar with accurate circumference measurements.

Body measurements provide more useful information about shape changes than simply measuring weight or BMI. Biomorphik simplifies the collection of these measurements, and removes the margin of human error present in traditional tape measure methods.

Keeping track of results not only keeps you motivated when you’re succeeding, it also keeps you accountable to the only person who matters – you. A positive feedback loop is critical to success. Just ask any athlete. Recording every achievement – no matter how small – helps you take the next step, and the one after, until you wake up one day and see that all the hard work has paid off.

Biomorphik App







Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)

waist-to-height (WtH)

waist-to-height ratio (WtHR)

Total Body Fat Percentage (TBF%)


Total Body Fat Percentage (TBF%)



Central Obesity

Type 2 Diabetes


Biomorphik App Subscriptions

The Biomorphik App has two payment types, a month-to-month or yearly to suit your needs. Month to month no lock-in allows you to use the app to better manage your 12-week challenge and you can stop paying at any time. However, you will still get access to your information and if you want to start again you can. The month-to-month subscription is USD 16.99. The yearly subscription gives you 12 months access to track and traces your body composition at a discounted price of USD 8.99 per month.

When you consider a single body composition scan can cost up to USD 60 each the monthly fee of USD 16.99 is a no brainer, you can scan as many times as you need to track your composition changes and make better decisions about your health and wellness.

The Biomorphik App will be available for both iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play store later this week.

Future Features

The Biomorphik App will continue to develop with more analysis coming early 2021.  Included will be facial scanning to bring in more data allowing for even more risk assessment.


Blood Pressure Systolic (BP/S)

Blood Pressure Diastolic (BP/D)

Cardiac Workload

Heart rate variability (HRV)

Heart Rate (HR)

Breathing Rate (BR)


Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD)


Heart Attack

Overall Risk

Metabolic Syndrome

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Nathaniel Peek
Founder and CPO at Biomorphik PTY LTD | Pre-Emptive Health Development | Healthcare Blockchain Specialist | AI/ML & IoT Development

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